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Thursday February 11th 2016

Projekt MUSE: Illustration – Full Pastry Panic! (And a word about Cafe Racing)

It’s that time again for “Another Day in the Life of the Valkyrie Knights”

If you’ve read the currently running novel carefully than you’ve probably picked up on a few quirks and habits of certain Valkrie Knights….one such as Adalwolfa being a sweet tooth.

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It would make sense that Adal would be the one to develop a sweet tooth especially since she’s the “cafe racer’ of the bunch. And during World War II, cafe racing was a hot past time where bikers would race from cafe to cafe (hence the name cafe racer). It was popularized in the 60s but it had its humble beginning during the war. And this where the popularity of bike modification rose.

Obviously, Adal would stick with her trusty companion, the 1939 BMW R6, one of the greatest bikes ever! But then German technology always trumped other countries’ manufacturers like Britain’s Norton, Triumph, BSA who have since then experienced a decline and eventually a collapse in motorcycle trends. Regardless, during that era, all cafe racing bikes had several things in common such as the modification to engines and body work that allowed for better ergonomics.

And if you’re going to beat that bloody dipwad (or should I call them a bloody arse? British accents and jargon is so weird but then again they don’t think much of us Yankees as well) on your tail then manipulating your wheels was the thing to do….as well as get to the cafes a lot quicker so that you don’t miss out on anything like Adal had. Of course Adal’s legitimate excuse was that she just came out of a sortie while her bike comrades are nothing but deadbeats LOL. It’s too bad, Helga’s Pastry House forgot about our Hauptmann.

Maybe next time, Adalwolfa. Hopefully you won’t get called into battle again just before the next batch is out of the oven!

Now enough of that. So…been reading the latest novel chapters? Lol, yeah didn’t think so. We see the numbers on our stats page so we definitely know the wrong demographic is checking it out for the wrong reasons or people could just care less. But nevertheless, if you still have an inkling pique of interest in our universe then head over to the latest chapters:

Chapter 5: Battle of Berlin Begins

Chapter 6: Convergence

Until then, comrades in arms!



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9 Responses to “Projekt MUSE: Illustration – Full Pastry Panic! (And a word about Cafe Racing)”

  1. Leebot says:

    Wrong demographic for the wrong reasons? Do you mind explaining what you mean by that?

    • admin says:


      Lol, seriously? I didn’t think this needed explaining

      By wrong demographic, we’ve noticed a string of Girls Love fans reading this story. Not that it’s a bad thing but the main target is WWII-military otaku and WWII mechheads and the tendency that shoujo-ai fans have is they’ll get bored of a piece of work if they don’t see any “GL” action going on.

      I appreciate the shoujo-ai folks but we don’t want to mislead them into thinking this story is going to be gooped with romance. If and when Wil and Adal’s status is brought up into the story, it won’t be a significant thing we’ll throw out there.

      We might have side stories but the main storyline is war-focused and character driven.

      Once we print the official publication within the next couple of months for the Japanese audience, the numbers for military otaku will hopefully increase but right now the only people from my website that are hitting the PM links are NatShiz fans.

      I recognize the IP addresses so it’s easy to determine. We figured this might happen but I took the chance anyhow. I’m trying to figure out how to increase traffic on this website since I only get about 500 unique visits a day and 3/4’s of those visitors are from, and a dozen other Mai Hime related websites.

      Based on their visits, the main sections that they view are the Mai Hime sections and Projekt MUSE if it has something like Adal/Wil (That post had a LOT of hits from various Girls Love Gcontingents.

      Once again, I have NO problem with it and perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised since we’ve only exposed this title outside of Japan. I’m headed to Japan in a few months to promote the title so hopefully we have some headway on reaching beyond the GL crowd

      Like I said…we don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that this is a romance-driven story. Hollywood has romanticized this war to death anyhow but we like to focus on the technical aspects and hope that we could reach out to the military fans who appreciate WWII trivia and alternate settings.

      So far we attracted one military site so maybe this will lead to more.аниме/page__st__2180


      • Leebot says:

        You can count on me to miss out what’s blatantly obvious to everyone else. 😛

        But in any case, I see what you mean. I think part of the issue is that the WWII otaku/mechheads, while they certainly exist in English-speaking world, and in greater numbers than in Japan, are more likely to pass MUSE up. It’s quite a different culture from in Japan, and I suspect an all-female cast wouldn’t sit well with the average North American WWII otaku/mechhead. That’s not always going to be the case, of course, but I’m not surprised you might have trouble attracting that type of audience to it.

        • admin says:

          Which is why my faith relies in Japan’s numbers.

          Japanese publications like MC Axis, Moeyo Tank Guide Book, Garuzubaddokanpani AXIS, Takeshi special guests superdreadnought Air Battle Daiwa and many other related mags exist for a reason you know?

          They pander to the exact crowd that enjoys females in WWII military attire and artillery.

          But WWII otaku/mechheads outside of Japan, who enjoy Strike Witches, Hetalia, Sora no Woto and a slew of other similar shows are the ones we are going to reach.

          Heck even fans of shows with a more futuristic setting like Gall Force, Starship Operators and even the latest anime currently broadcasting in Japan entitled Infinite Stratos are our target audience.

          The reason? Because our universe has something in common with all those modern shows I listed. Sexy woman in military uniforms handling artillery and mecha…that’s already a genre on its own.

          See, Leebot, you have to think beyond what you assume military mechheads would be into (outside of the box). For us, it’s just a matter of advertising and getting the word out even more.

          So far someone has created a Projekt MUSE section on sites like Danbooru, Gelbooru and Imouto Moe categorized under their military tags so that’s definitely a start.


  2. daroldhiga says:

    Heh. I am pretty realistic about these things. Even light novels in Japan really are sold on the art…people don’t typically pick up a light novel based on the author alone unless he’s already got a hit. On top of that Lone Wolf, you’ve already got dedicated fans! =)

    I guess the thing is what I feel that the shoujo ai audience is looking for is more like slash fanfic of the characters than the main story. I want to focus on the main plotline, and I have another 9 or 10 girls that I’m dying to introduce, but I need to move the story along first.

    Interestingly enough, somehow we keep getting links from World of Tanks (an awesome game that I snuck into closed beta on, but they just opened it to public beta for you WW2 tank fans). They are mostly linking to the novel and universe material…but they are reading it machine translated into Russian…so it might not make much sense to them. Still, I think the more people hear about Projekt MUSE the more we will get fans of the art and the story. Me, I love Lone Wolf’s art, and I just appreciate the chance to share my story and characters with people.

    Work has been killing me for the past month, this weekend is WonFest and next weekend is Comitia, but I plan on stealing time to make sure I finish the next chapter!

  3. daroldhiga says:

    Hah, well, the obvious pairing for fanfic is Wil and Adal…but once we add the rest of the cast the possibilities will be endless…maybe even some CSA/USA action? Hahahahaha, just imagining that motivates me… =) This is like yuri Hetalia/alternative history…what a mashup.

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